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Enviro Brush

Smart Brush | DIY Angle Paint Brush

Smart Brush | DIY Angle Paint Brush

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The Essential DIY Household Paint Brush!

You're a DIY painter who values time and wants to save money but your paint brush is holding you back. As a result, you've been searching for a new brush that works for you. And so, you have come to the right place!

With the Smart Brush, you can reduce your painting costs and cleaning time by reusing the handle and switching the bristle in less than five seconds.

The bristles are easy to replace!

  1. Press down on the side buttons located on the handle
  2. Pull out of the Bristle Refill 
  3. Pop in a new Bristle Refill

You'll never have to throw away another brush again—just reuse the handle over and over again! 

The Smart Brush

The Smart Brush features a 100% recyclable plastic handle with tapered Bristle Refills that effectively cut in when painting.

This brush is designed for painters of any skill level and is therefore the essential tool to keep in your home for quick paint jobs. 

Whether you need to just touch up a wall or breathe some new colour into your home, the Smart Brush has you covered. 

The Bristle Refill

With Bristle Refills, you can apply a smooth finish, cleanly cut in, hold more paint and leave zero streaks with medium stiff nylon/polyester bristles.

The Smart Brush delivers the best bristle for home use.Furthermore leaving an excellent coat on walls, cabinets, windows and trims. 

Changing the Bristle 

The quick-release buttons on the sides of the paintbrush allow the Bristle Refill to be removed and replaced instantly.


  • 2.00"


  • 1 Smart Brush Handle
  • 1 Smart Refill
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Cost-Saving Design

Enviro Brush works like a paint roller - simply keep the handle and order bristle refills when needed!

Reusable Handle

Securely hold and change the bristle refill in seconds - no tools required.

Replaceable Bristle

High-quality tipped bristle with angle cut that holds and applies more paint with fewer strokes.

After Care

Clean the brush immediately after usage.

1. Remove bristle refill.

2. Wash the bristle refill under warm water and remove excess residue.

2. Store clean brushes vertically, head-side up.


Q: Are Handle and Refill sizes interchangeable?

A: Handle and Refill sizes are not interchangeable (ex. 2.5 inch Pro Brush is not compatible with 1.75 inch Pro Bristle Refill)