Meet the Redesigned Paint Brush

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Bristle Refills

Replace your bristle in less than 5 seconds and eliminate your cleaning time while painting! No screwdriver, wrench or tool required.

Cost-Saving Design

Always save on your new brush! With Enviro Brush, you can save 50% by only purchasing bristle refills for your paintbrush handle.

Reusable Handle

The most durable handles that are designed to last - even after being fully submerged in paint for 24 hours.

Premium Paint Application

Featuring polyester/nylon blend refills with thin plugs, allowing the bristle to hold and apply more paint.

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The Essential Paintbrush for Contractors

We work directly with contractors and painting businesses to ensure they get high quality paint brushes that save them money.

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  • Free Shipping across USA and Canada

    We are serving all painters across North America! We offer fast, free shipping on all orders over $49.99.

  • Waste Reduction Initiative

    Choose the sustainable option and reduce waste by not throwing away your entire brush. Around 300 million paint brushes are thrown away every year - we aim to reduce waste produced by paint applicators by 33%.

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Brush Lines

Shop our two most popular paint brushes and visit the how-to-use page to learn more about how to change your bristle.

Pro Brush

A must-have for professional painters and contractors!

The Pro Brush features a comfortable soft-touch rubber handle and is available in three sizes;

2.50", 1.75" and 1.20"

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Smart Brush

The essential paint brush for your home!

The Smart Brush features a 100% recyclable plastic handle and 2.00" bristle refills.

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