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Enviro Brush

Enviro Basting Brush

Enviro Basting Brush

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Why throw away your basting brush after it's been used?

With the Enviro Basting Brush, all you need to do is replace the bristle and keep the handle! This design allows home cooks, chefs and BBQ masters to save money by never having to purchase a regular basting brush again.


  • 1 Enviro Basting Brush Handle
  • 1 Natural 1.00" Bristle 
  • 1 Synthetic 1.00" Bristle

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Cost-Saving Design

Enviro Brush works like a paint roller - simply keep the handle and order bristle refills when needed!

Reusable Handle

Securely hold and change the bristle refill in seconds - no tools required.

Replaceable Bristle

High-quality tipped bristle with angle cut that holds and applies more paint with fewer strokes.

After Care

Clean the brush immediately after usage.

1. Remove bristle refill.

2. Wash the bristle refill under warm water and remove excess residue.

2. Store clean brushes vertically, head-side up.


Q: Are Handle and Refill sizes interchangeable?

A: Handle and Refill sizes are not interchangeable (ex. 2.5 inch Pro Brush is not compatible with 1.75 inch Pro Bristle Refill)